Rhys Ellis collection ‘Two stones, one bird’, meaning the accomplishment of multiple impossible tasks, was sparked by experiencing air pollution in China, witnessing all the collective causes contributing to the environments destruction. Streets filled with a population wrapped up in hoods and masks to protect themselves, portrayed a powerful spotlight on the unforgiving damage we are causing to ourselves and our environment.

Inspired by the monochrome ancient Chinese board game ‘GO’, the collection flows with a black and white colour palette throughout. The aim of the game is to surround more territory than your opponent, reflecting the domination we are having on nature.

Rhys Ellis utilises his on going use of collaboration to team up with good friend and London based Artist Daniel Hosego. The collaboration has been used as a powerful tool to craft a drawing that portrays the ever growing environmental issues, drawing the audiences attention to the destructive journey of fly tipping, oil rigs, overfishing, air pollution and plastic waste. Rhys Ellis works on highlighting the relationship between the oceans and land and how our daily routines have a destructive impact on the oceans that will eventually come full circle.

Building on previous collections, Rhys Ellis has worked with the community to collect waste products to manipulate in studio, creating garments that enhance the message behind Two stones, one bird. Feather light breathable fabrics have been created using 50% recycled polyester and 50% water bottles and printed using sublimation printing, ensuring that no dye will reach water systems.

In the launch of Two stones, one bird, Rhys Ellis has partnered with Big Blue Ocean Clean Up and Coral Guardian to ensure that Rhys Ellis doesn't only draw awareness to environmental issues but is active in working with environmental organisations to rejuvenate the environment and to research solutions that work for both the industry and the environment that surrounds it.


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