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Inspired by the rapid deterioration and bleaching of the coral reefs caused by climate change, White Horses studies the journey in which the natural vibrancy of the underwater world becomes depleted by our own hands. The irresponsible destruction of the oceans makes a huge impact on the many species that rely on the coral reefs’ eco systems – inevitably leading to the demise of our precious marine life.                                                                                                                       

Made possible thanks to a knitwear collaboration with Oliver Thomas Lipp, the collection was made using manipulated, recycled materials that were collected from the UK, Netherlands, France and Italy, and woven into the fabric that makes up the collection’s 13 runway looks. Hair and makeup remain natural and raw to create a distressed juxtaposition to the recycled materials used in the clothing: a reflection of the oceans current condition.

White Horses is a concept born from a chaotic reality, yet executed creatively with an unsettling and inspiring beguilement.




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