A Multidisciplinary designer recognised for bridging the gap between waste management and circular design. With a decade of experience in fashion and textile design alongside environmental activism, Rhys has developed a cross-disciplinary approach, combining material research, circular values, lean manufacturing, design innovation and creative yet transparent communication. With a core focus on environmental health, Rhys has developed innovative circular systems/products. By transitioning businesses from a traditional linear supply chain into a closed-loop circular model, improving a brands impact on the environment and offering sustainable end of life options through seamless solutions, sourcing and modular product design.

My mission to create environmental awareness through intrigue and emotion combines a 360 approach, bridging together common practices, technology, textile development and image making which expands further than fashion. I utilise collaborations as a vital tool, this cross disciplinary approach to exists to elevate each message by combining point of views and the introduction of advanced manufacturing techniques, taking my work on a journey of discovery, anchored with advanced bespoke construction techniques. 
I aim to bridge the gap between past, present and future, applying traditional handwork and modern technology to construct innovative design that enable new forms and thinking.
Trained in Milan, I worked alongside bespoke tailor to Versace and Armani; Guiltiero Fornetti. Moving on to the Jean Pierre Braganza studio in London, I developed my attention to detail before working in Amsterdam and Paris maturing my crafting techniques in the Iris Van Herpen studio.
The juxtaposition between traditional tailoring and contemporary innovative design provide a platform for meticulously crafted design and processes that improve quality, function and customer experience.