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Research for Impact

My research guides clients through the intricacies of the circular economy. From in-depth material and product exploration to streamlined supply and value chain analysis, I navigate the terrain for sustainable alternatives and cutting-edge technologies. My focus on competitor landscapes and consumer behaviour ensures your brand not only fits but excels within the circular economy. By choosing my research services, you're empowered to craft a brand narrative authentically aligned with sustainability, leaving a lasting imprint on conscious consumers worldwide.


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Navigating Sustainable Solutions from Ideation to Prototype.

In the dynamic landscape of circular design, my services offer a comprehensive suite tailored to seamlessly integrate circular principles within intricate frameworks. From the initial stages of exploration, ideation, and concept design, I navigate the complexities of sustainable solutions, ensuring each design reflects a commitment to circularity. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, the process extends to meticulous prototyping, allowing for the tangible manifestation of innovative ideas. My expertise lies in guiding clients through the intricate dance of sustainability and design aesthetics, providing a roadmap to create products that not only adhere to circular principles but also stand out in the market.


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Video Solutions for Communicating Your Circular Roadmap and Product Development Journey.

Elevate your brand's narrative through our tailored video development service (Power of Assembly Production Team), designed to communicate your company's circular roadmap and product development initiatives effectively. Whether engaging with B2B or B2C audiences, our videos serve as dynamic storytelling tools that bring your values and mission to life. We specialise in crafting compelling visual narratives that not only resonate with your customers but also resonate with stakeholders. From showcasing your commitment to sustainability in the supply chain to illustrating the innovation embedded in your product development, our videos serve as powerful conduits to convey your brand's essence.


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Navigating Material Innovation from Source to End-of-Life.

Guide clients through a comprehensive exploration of eco-conscious alternatives within the circular economy. From scrutinising diverse material options and evaluating recyclability to seeking value in waste materials and exploring innovative bio-materials, I navigate the intricate landscape to unearth materials that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. The focus extends beyond immediate design considerations, delving into end-of-life solutions that positively impact our environment.

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Together, let's propel your product design to new heights by unlocking its full potential and captivating your target audience within the circular economy.
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