Circular design consultant.

Elevating brands through circular design solutions, proudly supporting a diverse range of clients.

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Delving into the intricacies of materials, product intricacies, and manufacturing.


Explorative design offers a creative and strategic approach to generating innovative ideas.


Sustainable alternative materials, bio-materials, and cutting-edge technologies to drive solutions.


Seamlessly integrating functionality, circular principles, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a harmonious product experience


Standout projects that blend creativity, sustainability, and cutting-edge design.
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See all Work
How i work

Helping clients design innovative products with circular principles.

Through meticulous evaluation, innovative approaches, and a profound grasp of sustainable objectives, I help empower clients to exceed expectations and flourish in today's evolving landscape.

my Values



My relentless pursuit of a shared vision fuels my creativity and propels me forward. With clarity and foresight, I craft strategies that align with my clients' goals and aspirations, transforming their dreams into reality and shaping a future worth embracing.


Innovation is at the core of everything I do. I embrace curiosity, explore uncharted territories, and challenge the status quo. By pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box, I create groundbreaking solutions that disrupt industries and inspire audiences.


I believe in the power of connection. I strive to build bridges between brands and their audiences, fostering genuine and lasting relationships. Through compelling storytelling and meaningful interactions, I create experiences that evoke emotions, strengthen bonds, and cultivate trust, ultimately turning customers into brand advocates.

Let's discuss how i can help you transition from linear to circular

Together, let's propel your product design to new heights by unlocking its full potential and captivating your target audience within the circular economy.
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Our Services