Spent coffee grounds to coffee logs

In collaboration with Bio Bean and waste management company First Mile, we transformed spent coffee grounds into eco-friendly coffee logs and natural flavorings, pioneering a sustainable solution that redefines waste as a valuable resource.
March 1, 2024
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In a groundbreaking collaboration, I joined forces with Bio Bean and waste management innovators First Mile to tackle the challenge of spent coffee grounds. Together, our mission was to create a sustainable solution that not only addressed coffee waste but also transformed it into valuable resources. The result? An innovative process converting spent coffee grounds into eco-friendly coffee logs, serving as a sustainable alternative to wood logs, and natural flavourings for the food and beverage industry.

Collaborative Innovation:

Teaming up with Bio Bean and the waste management pioneers at First Mile, our collaborative effort focused on maximising the potential of discarded coffee grounds. Bio Bean's expertise in coffee recycling and First Mile's commitment to sustainable waste management provided a solid foundation for our project. Together, we aimed to redefine the narrative surrounding coffee waste, turning it into a source of innovation and environmental responsibility.

Coffee Logs: A Sustainable Alternative:

The transformation of spent coffee grounds into coffee logs emerged as a breakthrough in our endeavour. These coffee logs, an eco-friendly substitute for traditional wood logs, offer a renewable and carbon-neutral energy source. Not only do they minimise waste, but they also contribute to sustainable practices by providing an alternative to conventional heating methods.

Natural Flavorings from Coffee Grounds:

Expanding the scope of our project, we delved into the creation of natural food and beverage flavorings sourced from spent coffee grounds. This innovative approach not only adds value to the circular economy but also introduces a unique and sustainable element to the culinary world. The natural flavourings extracted from coffee grounds offer a rich and aromatic profile, adding depth to various food and beverage products while reducing reliance on synthetic additives.

Environmental Impact and Future Prospects:

Our collaborative efforts with Bio Bean and First Mile have yielded tangible results in diverting coffee grounds from landfills and repurposing them into valuable products. Beyond the reduction of waste, this initiative contributes to lowering carbon footprints and fostering a more sustainable approach to waste management. As we reflect on the success of this project, the potential for further innovations in the realm of coffee waste recycling becomes evident, promising a future where sustainability and creativity coalesce to create meaningful solutions.


The collaboration with Bio Bean and our waste management partner, First Mile, stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative sustainability initiatives. By reimagining spent coffee grounds as eco-friendly coffee logs and natural flavorings, we've demonstrated that waste can be a valuable resource. As we continue to explore innovative solutions, the journey toward a more sustainable and circular economy gains momentum, offering a glimpse into a future where every cup of coffee contributes to a greener, more responsible world.


Rhys Ellis


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